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What is Sinus Lift Surgery?

The maxillary sinuses are anatomical cavities in the upper jaw, which are near the molars. These cavities are very important structures as they lighten the weight of the head and give voice resonance. In consequence of the extraction of the upper molars and the sinus prolapse, the height of the bone decreases. Although this reduction in the bone height seems natural, it poses a problem in cases where implants are needed to restore missing teeth.

A sinus lift is the surgical procedure intended for repositioning the sagging sinus floor in such a way as to make the area suitable for implant placement. With this procedure, it is possible to create a volume adequate for the size and diameter of the implant planned to be placed in the bone. The patient feels no pain during the procedure performed under local anesthesia.<./span>


How is Sinus Lift Surgery Performed?

Sinus lift procedures are performed in two ways: open sinus lift and closed sinus lift.

Open sinus lift: It is performed in patients with a bone height of ≤4 mm. The sinus floor accessed through a small window opened in the mouth is pulled to the desired level, and then grafting and membrane placement are done in the intended area. At the end of the procedure performed under local anesthesia, the area opened is closed with sutures. For the bone tissue to heal, it is necessary to wait for a certain period of time after surgery. The length of this period usually ranges from 4 to 6 months, although it varies from person to person. After this waiting period, the bone structure becomes suitable for the implant placement procedure.

Closed sinus lift: If the area planned for implant placement has a bone height of >4 mm, the procedure to be performed is closed sinus lift. The recovery period of this procedure is shorter, as it requires less or no bone graft.

After sinus lift operations, as with all surgical procedures, optimum attention should be paid to oral hygiene, and the medications prescribed should be used on time and in the recommended doses.