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What is a Root Tip Resection?

Root tip resection (apicoectomy) is the surgical removal of the root tip of the teeth or the surrounding inflamed tissue. Infection can develop in the tooth roots for a variety of reasons and tooth extraction is not the only treatment option. In such cases, root canal treatment is performed first.

Root tip resection, on the other hand, is the surgical procedure performed in cases where root canal treatment is not sufficient to eliminate the infection. Root tip resection is a surgical procedure performed externally on the tooth root in cases of non-healing root tip infection.

The infection is cleaned up by removing the alveolar bone in the root tip area. The surgical intervention is completed in 40 to 60 minutes on average.


In which cases is root tip resection performed?

-In cases where root canal treatment is insufficient
In cases of cyst and infection formation in the tooth roots, which cannot be eliminated despite root canal treatment,
- In cases of traumatic tooth root fractures or the removal of a broken tooth piece,
When taking a piece from the tooth root for biopsy,
In cases of cyst formation in the tooth root,
In cases where root canal treatment cannot be performed due to a structural defect in the tooth root,
In cases where any tool is broken in the tooth during a root canal treatment, and were it is necessary yo remove that broken piece,
In cases where the patient’s pain persists despite the root canal treatment.

How is An Apicoectomy (Root Tip Resection) Performed?

Root tip resection is performed under local anesthesia and takes approximately 40 to 60 minutes. After the anesthesia procedure, the gingival flap is lifted and then the root tip exposed by lifting the bone adjacent to it. The infected tissue at the root tip is removed and the root tip is cut. The surgical area is completely cleaned up and sterilized. If the adjacent teeth are also affected by the cyst formation, root canal treatment may be required for those affected teeth. In such a case, apicoectomy is performed in the area that will include the adjacent teeth. If large holes have occurred in the area, from where the cyst has been removed, the area is filled with bone graft, and then the treated area is closed with sutures. Recovery is achieved one week after the surgical intervention.