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What is a Porcelain Crown-Bridge?

Porcelain crown-bridge prostheses can vary depending on the material used. They are most common used in the form of metal-based porcelain, zirconium-based porcelain and full ceramic. Porcelain crown is a permanent solution for teeth. Tooth losses, deformation and discoloration suffered over time due to many factors have led to the need for the use of porcelain crowns. Porcelain teeth are commonly used in the replacement of missing teeth and in the production of implant-supported prostheses. Metal-supported porcelain has a wide area of use. This is because it has a strong structure with the metal under it. However, due to the low light transmittance of metal-supported porcelain, it may be less preferred for front teeth. Full ceramic prostheses are more impressive aesthetically, but they may not be as durable as metal-supported porcelain prostheses. Although they are preferred for front teeth where aesthetic expectations are high, the possibilities of using them on long bridges are limited. Porcelain crown bridges, which have been widely compared to zirconium recently, may actually be the first choice as long as the patient’s intraoral condition is suitable. Relying on the guidance of the physician would be more appropriate when selecting a porcelain type among a great variety of porcelains, which may differ from each other both mechanically and biologically.


When Are Porcelain Crown Bridges Applied?

Crown bridge prostheses viewed from a cosmetic standpoint are actually intended to enable the patient to use their existing teeth healthily. Some situations that require producing porcelain crown bridges can be listed as follows:

- To maintain the function of a worn tooth that has a large filling,
- To increase the service life of a tooth with large and deep caries after the treatment,
- To make a bridge prosthesis to replace missing teeth,
- To prevent possible brittleness of a tooth that has had root canal treatment.

How is It Performed?

As with other dental bridge procedures, the porcelain crown-bridge procedure begins with tooth sculpting. After a certain recovery period, the laboratory and technical study steps are taken following the dental measurements. After certain try-on steps, the crown bridges produced according to the color preferred by the patient are applied to the patient’s teeth with the help of special adhesives.