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What is Masseter Injection?

It is the non-surgical procedure that involves the injection into the masseter muscle. The masseter muscle is the main muscle that enables us to perform the chewing function (the muscles of mastication) by connecting the lower jaw to the skull and elevating it to close the mouth. In some people, this muscle is stronger than normal and may contract involuntarily at night in particular, increasing the load on the jaw joints.

Clenching disorders also damage the soft and hard tissues in the mouth. It minimizes this excess force reduces the pressure on the jaw joint. It has many benefits such as solving jaw clenching problems, reducing jaw joint pain, preventing bruxism (teeth grinding), and eliminating the square appearance of the jaw caused by the enlargement of the jaw due to hypertrophy of the masseter muscle.

If it is larger than normal, the masseter muscle changes the shape of the lower part of the face to a great extent, and it can also be aesthetically worrisome for women in particular. This is because the jaw looks more square, resulting in a more masculine appearance. It reduces the volume of the masseter muscle, one of the muscles which play a role in jaw clenching. While aesthetically contributing to the reduction of the jaw, it also helps eliminate the jaw clenching and jaw tension problems. This procedure can be performed at certain intervals that may vary depending on the patient’s condition and the physician’s recommendations. It is performed not only for aesthetic concerns, but also to eliminate the damages caused by jaw clenching, and to prevent uncontrolled jaw clenching and muscle contractions.

How is Masseter Injection Performed?

In the procedure performed in a short time, the right points are determined while the patient clenches his or her jaw, and then It is injected with thin needles into the masseter muscle painlessly. It is applied without requiring any surgical intervention. It eliminates the square appearance in the jaw line caused by the weakening of the muscle over time, and provides a thinner, V-shaped appearance.

One of the biggest advantages of having it is that it enables patients to get rid of the involuntary jaw clenching problem suffered at night. It prevents many types of damages such as fractures and abrasion on the surface of the teeth. Although the effect of injection differs from patient to patient, it usually lasts 4 to 6 months. No adverse effects of it have been observed to date. Small redness that occurs after the procedure in some cases disappears in a short time.

For our patients with the habits of jaw clenching and bruxism (teeth grinding), we safely perform the procedure that is a very fast and comfortable treatment procedure performed today in many fields of medicine.