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What is Full Ceramic Porcelain (Emax)?

Emax is a full ceramic material applied to obtain the best aesthetic results. However, it cannot be applied to every patient and every region due to its structure that is more sensitive than zirconium and metal-supported porcelain. It can be preferred as the first choice in patients with high aesthetic concerns, if their mouth and tooth structures are suitable for it.

The most important feature of the Emax application is that it does not involve the use of metal. Zirconium and emax are always a more suitable option for patients who are allergic to metal. Regarding its structure, emax has a transparent and natural-looking appearance. Its surface is resistant to discoloration and plaque formation. Its most important feature is that it provides a smile containing teeth and gums that look aesthetic.


How is Emax Applied?

In terms of application, emax is similar to other dental veneer and crown materials. As with all other dental procedures, the teeth are first made suitable for dental measurements. After the measurements, an appropriate tooth design is made in the laboratory environment. The teeth are rested for a certain period of time for the measurements, because this waiting period is important for the gums to heal before to achieve the best result. This period is usually 2 to 3 days on average.

Emax applied to front teeth, which have an important place in aesthetic smile design, is preferred for the treatment of broken, worn, or damaged teeth, and diastema. The emax production process takes 5 to 10 days on average. Thanks to their natural structures, emax crowns and veneers cause no negative effects in actions such as chewing, speaking and biting. Under the guidance of your physician, you can decide on whether your teeth are suitable for emax porcelain.

What are the Advantages of Emax Crowns and Veneers?

- Provides a natural-looking and aesthetic appearance to the person, with the color selection and try-on before placement.

- Compatible with the real teeth thanks to its light transmittance that is near to perfect.

- Causes no falling off or coming out problems thanks to high adherence.

- Prepares the necessary ground for a healthy gingiva, ensuring the minimum level of plaque and tartar accumulation.

- Resistant to abrasion.