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What is Injection to Temporalis Muscle?

Today, the habit of involuntarily jaw clenching and teeth grinding (bruxism) during sleep has become a very common problem. Various symptoms such head and neck pain in the morning, wear and fracture of teeth, dysfunction of the jaw joints, changes in face shape are the early signs of bruxism.

The masseter muscle is the largest one among the muscles of mastication, and it is the first muscle affected in case of bruxism. In addition, also the volume of the temporal muscles increases in severe bruxism cases due to this involuntary movement. As a result of this, the pain in the jaw muscles is accompanied by severe pain in the temple areas, where the temporal muscles are located, especially in the morning. Although the exact cause of bruxism has yet to be defined, it can be caused by stress, the physiological structure of the jaw, sleep habits and disorders, and side effects of medications. Injection to the temporalis muscle is performed to prevent jaw clenching and to relax the muscle at night.


In the vast majority of patients who have had injection to their temporalis muscles, headache, jaw pain, neck pain, behaviors such as jaw clenching and teeth grinding are observed to be eliminated, and the damages to the teeth are observed to be minimized. Although the dose of injection may vary from person to person, the effect of it lasts 4 to 6 months average. Injection to the temporalis muscles can be performed in conjunction with massater injection, and it as a great effect on shaping the face.